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iPhone X: Facts You Need to Know

Please have a glance at this infographic to know the top facts about iPhone X that you may not know about!

infographic - facts about iphone x


Keeping Your Phone Secure Inside and Outside

Keeping Your Phone Secure Inside and Outside

Smartphones have become a lifeline for us. With almost everyone on the smartphone bandwagon, one cannot deny the impact that smartphones have had on our lives. Regardless of the number of users purchasing these phones, privacy within the phone is something that many of us are unaware of. Our smartphones are our very own personal possession and contain sensitive and private information about us; information that we would never want people from outside to know about. Our social media profiles, our family photos and more importantly our financial information can be found out and accessed through the information present in our phones.

Besides the sensitive information present inside, smartphones are also extremely sensitive to external damages. Drop your phone on a cement pavement and you will have a cracked screen on your hands. Since we take our devices out with us on the go, a disaster can strike without a warning. Dropping a phone requires you to take care of all extra finances that are needed for bringing the phone back into its original condition. Other than the massive financial brunt that you will go through due to this neglect, you will also have to experience a decrease in the price of your home when you want to sell it off.

Realizing the need for keeping your phones secure on these fronts, we have come up with a list of things that you should ensure for the safety of what’s inside and outside your phone.

Antivirus App

If your phone does not have in antivirus app on it, it is high time that you got one. Most antivirus apps are free of cost and stop malicious applications threatening to infect your phone. The major role of any antivirus app is to basically detect viruses and eventually remove them. It always pays to have an antivirus app on your phone for securing what’s inside.

Use VPN for Unsecured Networks

There will come a time when you have to use public networks for a quick WIFI connection. You could be using one at a coffee shop, a café, a park or a train station. What you fail to realize while using these networks is that they can turn out to be risky with the threat of hackers looming over your head. The solution for this is not to stop using these networks but to download a VPN that secures your connection and prevents hackers of all sorts from getting into your device.

Glass Protector and Protective Case

Keeping your smartphone safe on the outside is another thing that needs to be handled with care. Even a small accident can end up shattering the screen and the design of your mobile. Some high impact falls can even end up damaging the internal circuitry because the phone bears much of the force behind the impact. This is why it is good to have protection on the screen along with a back cover. You can even fancy it up by getting something like an iPhone 6 leather wallet case for men.


Are Glass Screen Protectors Worth It?

Are Glass Screen Protectors Worth It?

The screen for your smartphone screen dictates the experience you have a specific phone. It can either make or break that experience depending on how you look at the situation. The high value of the screen in making your overall experience lies in the fact that the screen is one of the most expensive elements of the phone to replace. So, if you really want to place the safety of your mobile phone above anything else, apply a protector to stop the screen from getting damaged by scratches and other disasters.

Within protectors as well there is a debate as to which one is best for users. Plastic protectors first came out but have been replaced with glass versions. Here we see whether these glass protectors are really worth it.


Tempered glass versions of glass protectors are way more resilient than the simple plastic protectors. The glass protectors offer a certain amount of leverage in the case of a drop or any other disaster. If you drop your phone, the glass protector would bear the brunt of the fall and save the screen from getting damaged. Although you might break your protector in the case you drop your phone, but your screen will be safe. Their resilience places them above any other protector and provides good return on the money that is invested in the protector. Moreover, glass protectors are also more resilient towards minor scratches that can eventually hamper the condition of your phone. Plastic protectors may not provide such resilience.

Better Feel

Another important benefit of using glass protectors for protecting your screen from damages is that the glass protector can mimic the feel of your screen. Since it more closely mimics the feel of a normal screen, a glass protector will give you enhanced protection, without making you lose out on the seamless experience that the smartphone guarantees.

Not Really Expensive

The fact that glass protectors are available at a reasonable cost is another thing that points in favor of them. Glass protectors are not really expensive and tend to add a lot more than what you have to pay for. With reduced prices, you may find glass protectors for as low as $5.

Complement Them with Cases

Your glass protector will work well with a case that ensures the safety of the phone during impact. While the protector may protect the screen, you may need a cover to protect the internal circuitry and other mechanisms. If you want a case for your phone, you can click here because we have the best iPhone 8 and 8 plus covers available right now.


Make Your Travel Plans Easy and Smooth With These Travel Apps for Android

Make Your Travel Plans Easy and Smooth With These Travel Apps for Android

Imagine how difficult travelling must have been to older generations who had no smartphones to guide them with the help of inbuilt applications like Google Maps. It was either manual map reading or navigating with the help from stars in the sky, as far as navigation is concerned.

Smartphones have become a valuable asset for travelers—always coming in handy due to enabled Internet connection. Now people can easily book flights from their mobile while sitting in their homes, learn basics of a new language; devise travel routes before setting off and much more!

Install the following travel applications on your Samsung device and make traveling easier on the nerves:


Are you looking for an easy way to organize all your travel plans for convenient access anytime? TripIt is an awesome Android travel application that makes planning your trip a hassle-free and enjoyable experience!

After installing this application, you’ll be able to find updated information about your chosen hotel and car rental bookings—all in one location! Furthermore, the application has an email import features that lets users share their travel plans with friends and family.  


Packing is every person’s nightmare whether going on a week-long trip or for a month. PackPoint comes to the rescue of those weary souls who have trouble deciding what to pack for their trip and what to leave behind!

The application begins its magic by creating a packing list based on the kind of trip you’ll be having, as well as weather and possible activities during that time.  

All you need to do is fill in a few details regarding the trip and other considerations. A list will automatically be generated, listing down essential items that have to be packed. You can also save lists for future reference.


Another free Android application, AirBnB is considered one of the best independent travel apps by seasoned and novice travelers alike. Ideal for budget travelers, this excellent app can provide good accommodation alternatives without compromising on travel experience.

The app helps people find places to stay in over 34,000 cities in 190 countries, so there’s a high chance the app will work its magic even in remote locations of the world.

Whether traveling alone or with a few people, these Android applications will help from start to finish! Make sure to encase your phone in the best protection money can buy to limit chances of device breakage during traveling!

Shamo’s Cases is the place for you. Browse through our collection today!



iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus – What’s New?

iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus – What’s New?

2017 was a great year for Apple Smartphone users. News of the launch of Apple’s latest addition to the family spread like wildfire in the world, giving rise to anticipation and curiosity. The unveiling of Apple’s iPhone 8 and 8 Plus was nothing less than magic for users waiting all year for the phone’s launch.

What makes the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus different from its predecessors?

Are there any new inbuilt features that elevate the status of this phone compared to previous models? Do the new additions in the Apple iPhone series justify their exorbitant price tag?

Let’s dissect these questions in complete depth:

What Is New?

You’ll be surprised to know Apple has still retained the all-glass design and most of the same features of the iPhone 7. The company has played a safe game when it comes to design, performance, wireless charging, and other important specifications!


iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Plus


Glass back body

Glass back body (50% deeper strengthening layer)


A11 Bionic chip (25% faster)

A11 Bionic chip with 4 high efficiency core processors

Wireless Charging

Debut of wireless charging

Wireless charging using Qi technology

Size & Weight

148 grams

144 grams

Camera & Video Recording

12MP f/1.8 with better pixels, faster autofocus, and hardware noise reduction

4K video recording at up to 60 FPS and a Portrait Lighting mode

Which Is Better – iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus?

It can seem difficult to find the best offering from these two models seeing how similar to design specifications the iPhone 8 and Plus are to previous models. Yet there are some clear differences that help discover the verdict.

Undoubtedly, the iPhone 8 Plus has a bigger and sharper screen (401 pixels per inch compared to 326) and a bigger battery life.

The 8 Plus also features a dual-lens camera on the rear, which offers Portrait Mode and Portrait Lightening features for capturing beautiful pictures.

Wondering how high the devices will cost your wallet? Starting from $700, the iPhone 8 is a more portable and affordable option.

However, keen gamers and on-the-video watchers will love the 8 Plus’s extra screen space (and sharpness), while photographers can finally leave their heavy DSLR behind on spontaneous trips.

What about protection? Unfortunately, both phones feature an all new glass back body which demands extra protection in the form of a Kickstand Case Ring phone case. Or iPhone 8 and Plus users can browse through Shamo’s Cases collection and choose the best for their device!


Phone Case vs. Skin – Which One Should You Choose?

Phone Case vs. Skin – Which One Should You Choose?

Deciding which smartphone to buy isn’t as difficult as figuring out how you’ll protect the new device from scratches and bumps. This is false considering smartphone users don’t think much beyond aesthetics when it comes to their phone’s case!

What happens next? An expensive smartphone lying on the floor with its screen cracked, scratches lining its back and front. You have a lot to lose if this happens – the high costs of phone repair aside.

Phone Case Or Skin – You Can Choose One But Not The Other!

Tech connoisseurs will say encasing a lovely Apple or Samsung device in protective casing will hide the phone’s design and delicate form. Although encasing your phone in a protective case offers more benefits than disadvantages, the first being damage control.

Buying a good phone case or skin is an viable option but how to still make sure  the sleek design of the phone remains?

This is where a phone skin comes in the picture.

Benefits of Phone Skins

Smartphone users especially those who have iPhones prefer showing as much of the phone as possible i.e. its design and shape. A phone skin helps maintain the shape and design of a device but also protects phone’s surfaces from unsightly scratches.

Vinyl or silicone skins are the best as these items are easily removable and inexpensive to replace! What about the protection of the phone? A phone skin is slightly similar to a phone case when it comes to protection against accidental damage.

You can buy phone skins in a variety of styles and colors – letting your personality shine though with just one choice.  

Why Phone Cases Shouldn’t Be Left Behind?

Good quality phone cases perform well in all departments as compared to a phone skin. One advantage of phone cases stands at top, namely device protection.

A phone case provides maximum defense against accidental screen and surface damage, something a skin cannot offer. Additionally, a good phone case will also protect your phone from the harsh elements.

Depending on your choice of mobile cases, you can also add the aesthetic element to your phone! There are a lot of options available that allow the mobile device to shine through as well because an iPhone is a beautiful piece of machinery!

Your choice will ultimately determine the fate of your smartphone. You don’t want the device to fall and break in the first few months, do you? Look at these smartphone cases for Apple iPhone 8 from Shamo’s Cases and buy the best one for your phone!


Get Ugly Scratches Off Your Expensive iPhone

Get Ugly Scratches Off Your Expensive iPhone

Few other phones have a reputation for getting easily scratched on the back as much as an iPhone. But that is what phone case are for, no?

However, despite being encased in a protective cover, your iPhone can still get some ugly scratches from dust and other particles that get inside the case and ruin the phone’s finish.

Smartphone retailers recommend using very fine sandpaper to remove scratches yet this can result in a dull finish. So is there any way to restore your phone’s original luster without having to choose drastic measures (like buying a new iPhone)? Yes… by using an everyday household item!

Toothpaste and Its Wonderful Scratch Buffing Advantages

Found in every household, this item is used every day to clean teeth. Most people don’t realize other ways they can use simple toothpaste – one of them being scratch buffing from their phone!

What to do? The steps are simple and underlined in the following:

Turn off Your iPhone First

You don’t want to accidentally open any app on your device when doing the job so shut it off completely. Hold the lock button until ‘Slide to Power Off’ option appears. Slide the slider from left to right to complete the action.

Buff Scratch Prone Areas

Squeeze a pea-sized amount of toothpaste directly on the back of your iPhone. Begin by lightly buffing back of the iPhone with the help of a microfiber cloth. Take care to buff areas with scratches first, proceeding to rest of the backing. This will ensure a consistent look.     

Don’t wipe the toothpaste away at once! Wait for two minutes and then spray glass cleaner along the back of the iPhone. Wipe both glass cleaner and toothpaste off using paper towels. The same process can be done to clean your iPhone’s screen.

Helpful Tip from Shamo’s Cases

Using a protective screen cover or guard lowers chances of scratches on the screen, protecting glass on the iPhone. You can also buy a good quality and all-encasing silicone phone case that prevents dust and dirt from entering in the first place!

Do Your Research

Read reviews of phone cases you are interested in buying for your iPhone. More importantly… confirm that your chosen case has precise cut-outs for ports, buttons, and the camera. Always check for alternative cases from other retailers before making a decision.

Visit Shamo’s Cases and view numerous phone cases that will protect iPhone without compromising on aesthetics!


keeping Your Phone Clean - Infographic

Check out the infographic on "keeping Your Phone Clean". To find the perfect case for your phone, browse through the website at

keeping your smartphone clean

2 Hot Leather Cases You Need For Your iPhone 6S

2 Hot Leather Cases You Need For Your iPhone 6S

iPhone is pegged as one of the most valuable brands according to Forbes.

It’s an investment that you want to protect!

What better way to do that than to style it up with a beautiful leather case? Of course, choosing the right leather cover iPhone 6 plus!

Leather Back Case

This case will definitely treat your phone the way it needs to be treated! The leather back case comes with an aluminum bumper which gives the added benefit of extra protection.

This case not only looks great but it protects your phone from all four corners, keeping dust and scratches at bay.  

This case for iPhone 6 comes in four different colors with an aluminum hold that perfectly complements the case.

Wallet Girl Fashion Luxury PU Leather Case

When you look for a good case for your mobile, you need to make sure it’s both efficient as well as stylish, especially if you’re keeping a phone such as an iPhone in mind.

The Wallet girl Fashion leather case is just the case for you! This innovative case turns into a pocketbook and allows you to keep your credit cards in place. Talk about convenience, huh?

It not only guarantees your phone’s protection but also acts as your wallet! Coming in various different colors, this glittered beauty will definitely be a fashion statement for years to come!

You can get a variety of other phone cases as well, simply browse through our collection for your iPhone and you’ll get the best prices for the best products!



Will You Be Using A Case For Your Samsung S8?

Will You Be Using A Case For Your Samsung S8?

The question of whether you use a case for your smartphone really comes down to personal preference.

However, Samsung S8 has certainly be causing problems for owners. As good looking and sleek as the phone is, it is quite slippery. The beauty of the metal aluminum frame comes at the cost of a butter finger grip.

There are plenty of issues here. First, the Samsun Galaxy S8 is relatively new and has multiple features, which means there is still a lot of time before any useful cases come up.

Next, even the fingerprint sensor at the back is difficult to find as it is largely shadowed by the sleek glass back. Lastly, the screen, although it is the latest Corning Gorilla Glass, is still glass. And just like all the other smartphones you owned, that guaranteed screen protection against scratches, you are going to drop your S8 some point time and realize that was too hard a drop for the screen to handle.

So, the logical thing to do is to invest in a Samsung S8 case. It is an expensive phone and you don’t want to be facing issues with it any time soon.

What Is The Perfect S8 Case?

Again, that depends. However, considering the features of the phone including the glossy finish, the location of buttons and most importantly, the location of the fingerprint sensor, it wouldn’t be a good idea to go for a hard wallet style leather case.

First off, this case would make it hard to use the phone by making the fingerprint sensor inaccessible, on top of that, it will make your phone look bulkier. And isn’t buying a Samsung Galaxy S8 all about showing off its sleek features?

Meet The Samsung Galaxy S8 Slim Case Clear Transparent Thin TPU Silicone Soft Cover Rubber

Perhaps the best cover for your Samsung Galaxy S8 is the a thin TPU silicone soft rubber cover that accentuates all of the outstanding features, while giving you a good grip and minimizing chances of damage upon impact.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Slim Case Clear Transparent Thin TPU Silicone Soft Cover Rubber is designed to help you achieve all of that at a really affordable price tag. Check it out.

Stay updated with our website for more Samsung Galaxy S8 cases and leather cases for iPhone 6 Plus.