New iPhone 6s case 6 4.7" Plus 5.5" Rubber Gel Transparent Clear Hard cover


$ 4.99 

Looking for the latest accessory for your iPhone 6s/6? Shamo’s brings you a brilliant rubber gel case you simply can’t say no to!

Transparent and tough, the case provides ideal protection for your classy smart phone. Colorful sides and transparent backs, Shamo’s offers a premium case with unique features.

Select a color that speaks to you or one that matches your iPhone’s hue! You can pick from an assortment of 11—lively green, rosy pink, brilliant orange or vibrant red; pick your favorite!

It is compatible with iPhone 6 4.7", iPhone 6 Plus 5.5", iPhone 6s 4.7" and iPhone 6s Plus 5.5". High quality rubber provides complete protection from scratches, cracks and bumps. Precise cutouts for all openings and easy snap on and off installation make it an ideal match for your iPhone!

These flexible cases are affordable too!