iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus Case TPU Rubber Transparent Silicone Shockproof Blue


$ 3.96 $ 29.99

A lighter shade of blue to complement the elegant features of your iPhone 7 Plus. This case by Shamo’s is a brand new design; a brilliant accessory for your device!

Thin and sleek, the case will hug your phone in all the right places. With this perfect fit, you’ll never have to compromise on functionality. All buttons, ports and other futures are fully accessible and under your control!

Fashionably cute and colorful, this case is made with high quality TPU rubber and transparent silicone. It protects your iPhone’s back from scratches, cracks and bumps. Plus, it gives a charismatic style to your device!

Shockproof and resistant to damage, this blue case is a durable accessory for your phone!