Make Your Travel Plans Easy and Smooth With These Travel Apps for Android

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Imagine how difficult travelling must have been to older generations who had no smartphones to guide them with the help of inbuilt applications like Google Maps. It was either manual map reading or navigating with the help from stars in the sky, as far as navigation is concerned.

Smartphones have become a valuable asset for travelers—always coming in handy due to enabled Internet connection. Now people can easily book flights from their mobile while sitting in their homes, learn basics of a new language; devise travel routes before setting off and much more!

Install the following travel applications on your Samsung device and make traveling easier on the nerves:


Are you looking for an easy way to organize all your travel plans for convenient access anytime? TripIt is an awesome Android travel application that makes planning your trip a hassle-free and enjoyable experience!

After installing this application, you’ll be able to find updated information about your chosen hotel and car rental bookings—all in one location! Furthermore, the application has an email import features that lets users share their travel plans with friends and family.  


Packing is every person’s nightmare whether going on a week-long trip or for a month. PackPoint comes to the rescue of those weary souls who have trouble deciding what to pack for their trip and what to leave behind!

The application begins its magic by creating a packing list based on the kind of trip you’ll be having, as well as weather and possible activities during that time.  

All you need to do is fill in a few details regarding the trip and other considerations. A list will automatically be generated, listing down essential items that have to be packed. You can also save lists for future reference.


Another free Android application, AirBnB is considered one of the best independent travel apps by seasoned and novice travelers alike. Ideal for budget travelers, this excellent app can provide good accommodation alternatives without compromising on travel experience.

The app helps people find places to stay in over 34,000 cities in 190 countries, so there’s a high chance the app will work its magic even in remote locations of the world.

Whether traveling alone or with a few people, these Android applications will help from start to finish! Make sure to encase your phone in the best protection money can buy to limit chances of device breakage during traveling!

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