Keeping Your Phone Secure Inside and Outside

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Smartphones have become a lifeline for us. With almost everyone on the smartphone bandwagon, one cannot deny the impact that smartphones have had on our lives. Regardless of the number of users purchasing these phones, privacy within the phone is something that many of us are unaware of. Our smartphones are our very own personal possession and contain sensitive and private information about us; information that we would never want people from outside to know about. Our social media profiles, our family photos and more importantly our financial information can be found out and accessed through the information present in our phones.

Besides the sensitive information present inside, smartphones are also extremely sensitive to external damages. Drop your phone on a cement pavement and you will have a cracked screen on your hands. Since we take our devices out with us on the go, a disaster can strike without a warning. Dropping a phone requires you to take care of all extra finances that are needed for bringing the phone back into its original condition. Other than the massive financial brunt that you will go through due to this neglect, you will also have to experience a decrease in the price of your home when you want to sell it off.

Realizing the need for keeping your phones secure on these fronts, we have come up with a list of things that you should ensure for the safety of what’s inside and outside your phone.

Antivirus App

If your phone does not have in antivirus app on it, it is high time that you got one. Most antivirus apps are free of cost and stop malicious applications threatening to infect your phone. The major role of any antivirus app is to basically detect viruses and eventually remove them. It always pays to have an antivirus app on your phone for securing what’s inside.

Use VPN for Unsecured Networks

There will come a time when you have to use public networks for a quick WIFI connection. You could be using one at a coffee shop, a café, a park or a train station. What you fail to realize while using these networks is that they can turn out to be risky with the threat of hackers looming over your head. The solution for this is not to stop using these networks but to download a VPN that secures your connection and prevents hackers of all sorts from getting into your device.

Glass Protector and Protective Case

Keeping your smartphone safe on the outside is another thing that needs to be handled with care. Even a small accident can end up shattering the screen and the design of your mobile. Some high impact falls can even end up damaging the internal circuitry because the phone bears much of the force behind the impact. This is why it is good to have protection on the screen along with a back cover. You can even fancy it up by getting something like an iPhone 6 leather wallet case for men.


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