Battery Always Low? This May Be The Issue!

Battery Always Low? This May Be The Issue!

The struggle is real.

How many times has this happened—you start using your Smartphone at 100% battery and the red flickering begins to taunt after just a few hours of usage.

It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or Android smartphone! It seems more and more difficult for the phone to perform well as each year passes.

Forget running like new, your smartphone can’t even keep up for a few hours after full charge!

Here are some common reasons why your Smartphone’s battery is always low.

Screen Brightness Is Set At High

This is a major reason for battery drainage, one that easily leeches most of the battery from even a newly charged phone.

There are two solutions—either lower the brightness and keep it at that level all the time or use automatic brightness control settings.

The latter, i.e. bright control through automatic settings is the best option! It will adjust screen brightness based on your surroundings; you won’t have to tinker with the settings manually.  

There is another way iPhone and android Smartphone users can reduce the amount of battery power consumed every day by the screen. Shorten amount of time that the display takes to turn automatically off after you stop using it.

Apps Still Running in the Background

Many Smartphone users don’t realize but open apps i.e. ones that are open and still running in the background. Think back to the number of apps you use in an hour. How many were properly closed by visiting the appropriate settings?

Check out which mobile applications use the most battery power (Settings > Battery) on your iOS or Android device. The apps that use the most battery life will be listed along a few surprises that you didn’t know about.

It can be your Facebook app or email account, which can be easily disabled for background activity.

Your Smartphone Has a Hardware Issue

Can’t seem to find the issue behind your rapidly declining phone battery? Changed your mobile using habits and even scrutinized app usage? There could be another, more serious issue.

Maybe your phone’s hardware has become faulty, leading to trouble getting through the day on a single charge. The critical nature of the hardware issue depends on the model and brand of the phone, where it was bought from, when, etc.  

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