Are Glass Screen Protectors Worth It?

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The screen for your smartphone screen dictates the experience you have a specific phone. It can either make or break that experience depending on how you look at the situation. The high value of the screen in making your overall experience lies in the fact that the screen is one of the most expensive elements of the phone to replace. So, if you really want to place the safety of your mobile phone above anything else, apply a protector to stop the screen from getting damaged by scratches and other disasters.

Within protectors as well there is a debate as to which one is best for users. Plastic protectors first came out but have been replaced with glass versions. Here we see whether these glass protectors are really worth it.


Tempered glass versions of glass protectors are way more resilient than the simple plastic protectors. The glass protectors offer a certain amount of leverage in the case of a drop or any other disaster. If you drop your phone, the glass protector would bear the brunt of the fall and save the screen from getting damaged. Although you might break your protector in the case you drop your phone, but your screen will be safe. Their resilience places them above any other protector and provides good return on the money that is invested in the protector. Moreover, glass protectors are also more resilient towards minor scratches that can eventually hamper the condition of your phone. Plastic protectors may not provide such resilience.

Better Feel

Another important benefit of using glass protectors for protecting your screen from damages is that the glass protector can mimic the feel of your screen. Since it more closely mimics the feel of a normal screen, a glass protector will give you enhanced protection, without making you lose out on the seamless experience that the smartphone guarantees.

Not Really Expensive

The fact that glass protectors are available at a reasonable cost is another thing that points in favor of them. Glass protectors are not really expensive and tend to add a lot more than what you have to pay for. With reduced prices, you may find glass protectors for as low as $5.

Complement Them with Cases

Your glass protector will work well with a case that ensures the safety of the phone during impact. While the protector may protect the screen, you may need a cover to protect the internal circuitry and other mechanisms. If you want a case for your phone, you can click here because we have the best iPhone 8 and 8 plus covers available right now.


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